mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Burano Island

One of the most beautiful islands in the venetian lagoon is Burano: far from the centre of Venice, you can reach Burano only by boat. You can take a vaporetto (the public boat) or a private boat, it takes ca 45 minutes from Venice to the island....
A canal in Burano

When you arrive can really feel another world!!!!
Coloured houses, quiet streets, and the sound of the lagoon all around's a dream!!!!
Canal, boats and coloured houses
Bell tower

Burano is famous for its lace: you will admire old women sitting close to the doors and working with their "tombolo"....
You also must taste the typical "bussolai": yellow biscuits that are sooooooo good!!!!!

I bussolai, the typical Burano biscuits

Le merlettaie, Burano lace

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